Monday, May 30, 2011

You can't keep a daredevil down!

We've covered the annual Coopers Hill cheese races in Gloucestershire, England, on this blog before. Last year, thanks to health and safety nazis bureaucrats, the official event was canceled, althoug an 'unofficial' cheese race was held. There was an attempt to restart it this year, but the organizers wanted to charge spectators £20 (about US $33) per head for admission, ostensibly to 'pay for security measures'. Since it had previously been free of charge, you can imagine that there was an immense public outcry, and the 'official' event was abandoned.

Nevertheless, another 'unofficial' cheese race went ahead today. Here's footage of proceedings.

Some enterprising outfit made a slow-motion video clip of the day's events, too. Here it is.

England may be a 'nanny state' par excellence nowadays, but at least some of her residents retain a healthy disrespect for overbearing bureaucrats!



trailbee said...

I loved the first clip, then was floored by the second. What if some govt. group in whatever name stopped our motorcycle hill climbs, sports car ralleys, NASCAR or matchbox car races, etc.?
By slow degrees, there is an emergent insidious evil curtailing our liberties being practiced in the name of 'for the good of all.' I feel like the frog sitting in a pot of cold water.

diesel smoke said...

Glad to see that MMAFT (mad mothers againts fun things)cant stop these guys. Hope we have the stones to tell them the same thing someday.