Friday, May 27, 2011

Doofus Of The Day #481

Today's winner comes from Oregon (although he committed his crimes in Washington state).

Police say a man charged with robbery and suspected in a separate, attempted carjacking gave one of his victims a key piece of evidence that helped investigators identify him: his cell phone number.

Why did he give the young woman his number? Police say after he failed to steal her car, he started hitting on her.

At one point, they say Michael James Beach, who allegedly flashed a gun and pretended he was a police officer to get her car, consoled her and questioned why he would steal a car when his car was much nicer. The victim cried after he flashed the gun and refused to identify himself, so police say he then gave his cell number and hugged her.

"Watch the pistol," he allegedly said as they hugged.

. . .

The cell phone number given to the young woman was traced to Beach, who is required to check in with the Department of Corrections and listed that number for his contact, court documents show. He has two previous burglary convictions and one theft conviction.

There's more at the link.

Let's see now. He gave his victim a cellphone number that was already on file with parole authorities, thanks to his previous convictions?

Yep. Indubitably, a Doofus!



Unknown said...

I think it's safe to define male maturity as, "When the big head out-thinks the little one." One of these days, testosterone poisoning will be labelled a legitimate mental disorder. Oh Lord! Then it will become a legal defense!

trailbee said...

Whoah! That's progressive thinking. Watch that. :)