Sunday, May 29, 2011

Video clips added to Weekend Warships #3

I've found and added a couple of video clips to the Weekend Warships #3 post I put up yesterday. One shows HM Submarine M2 launching and recovering aircraft; the other shows Japan's super-subs at the end of World War II, first as they lie on the seabed off Hawaii today, then historic footage of their capture and evaluation by the US Navy.

The clips make an interesting addition to what I posted earlier. If you enjoyed the article, you might want to revisit it to view the videos.


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trailbee said...

That was an amazing post. What I found intriguing is the fact that the Japanese had these huge ships and didn't do anything with them, at least not use them to their full potential. Thank God!!!
Was this a deliberate Memorial Day post? Very timely. Thank you.