Friday, May 20, 2011

When ducks become the river!

I've heard of, and seen, ducks on a river . . . but I've never before seen a river of ducks!



trailbee said...

They didn't fly. Why? Their wings were not clipped. Also, can you imagine how much food they ate? Winged locusts!

Anonymous said...

Ever hear of " Peking Duck".

That's them on the hoof.

Old NFO said...

That is a BUNCH of duck dinner on the 'hoof' :-)

Glenn B said...

So what was that exactly? Was it a video of round-up at a duck farm?

Ambulance Driver said...

I've seen ducks socked in by a heavy fog one morning duck hunting, covering a flooded rice field so thickly that if you had put one more duck on the water, another would have popped out onto the levee.

You literally couldn't see the water for all the ducks.

Anonymous said...

There! At the very front. Did you see it? The duck with the little duck-bell. Yes, the Judas-Duck

Bart Noir