Thursday, May 26, 2011

Is anyone else having Wordpress problems?

For the past two days I've been unable to view any Wordpress sites. That includes some of my favorite blogs, like Larry and Marko, as well as my Lolcat fix of the day.

I've no idea what's causing the problem. Whenever I try to load a Wordpress site, the page just hangs there, saying it's 'waiting for' the site to respond. I note that my computer just installed a number of updates to Windows 7, so I'm hoping it's not that!

Is anyone else having this problem? If so (or if not!), please let me know in Comments. I hope it's not just my system acting up!



Anonymous said...

no problem with said links

KurtP said...

Only problem I;m having is with signing into blogger- have to go in through Google acct settings.

I got a butt-load of updates too, but not having a problem using FireFox.

Rich said...

Sorry to say that there's no problem here.

Carteach said...

No problems for for me, but then again I never, EVER allow Windows to do automatic updates. I do them manually after I hear from others there were no problems. Microsoft 'updated' my computer into a doorstop on more than one occasion. I don't offer them the opportunity anymore.

Raptor said...

I'm not having any problems either.

Shrimp said...

I had no issues with any of them.

(I'm running XP with IE8 at the moment) Sounds like it is either an IE issue (what version are you running?) or a Windows issue.

You could try restoring to a saved previous version (undoing the updates) or you could load Firefox (from Mozilla).

perlhaqr said...

No, but I've been having lots of problems getting to the comments with blogger. It was very insistent that I sign up for a blog, even to be able to view comment, until I killed all of my cookies from anything google or blogger related.

Peter said...

I fear this may be my system (i.e. Windows) that's at fault. I use Firefox as my default browser, and have IE as a second one; and I installed Chrome this morning to test that. All three exhibit identical behavior. It looks as if loading one of the '' components is the problem - it hangs every time. I still can't access a single Wordpress blog, or any site using its components.

Anyone got any ideas what to set in Windows to fix this? I've backed out of the most recent updates, but that hasn't solved the problem.

Anyone? Bueller?