Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blogging and writing

Many thanks to everyone who's commented at my post last night about 'Re-evaluating this blog'.  I appreciate all the input, and I'm going through it and assessing the blog in the light of what you've had to say.

While I'm doing that, a number of you made enthusiastic noises about wanting to read my fiction.  Well, OK then!  I've gone back to my 'Books Under Construction' blog (which had been dormant since posting the last writing effort there more than a year ago) and cleaned it out.  You'll now find there an update on my writing, plus the first chapter of the first of two military science fiction novels I'm working on right now.  I'll post fresh chapters every week or two, to give you a foretaste of what's coming up soon.  Please leave comments there about whether or not you like it, anything that you think could be improved, and so on.  I'm still learning!

Thanks again for all the feedback.  Watch this space for more developments soon!


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