Thursday, June 21, 2012

Is President Obama an accessory to the crime of murder?

Readers will be familiar with 'Operation Fast And Furious', the gunrunning scandal which we've covered in these pages on several previous occasions.  The evidence thus far made available suggests that the ATF and possibly other Federal law enforcement agencies (certainly including senior figures in the Department of Justice, up to and including Attorney General Eric Holder) were fully familiar with this scheme.

I was therefore astonished when President Obama yesterday asserted executive privilege to help Mr. Holder avoid having to provide a number of potentially incriminating documents to Congressional investigators looking into the scandal.  This is explosive stuff, because we're talking about an operation that has demonstrably and provably contributed to the deaths of two US Federal law enforcement officers and several hundred Mexican nationals.  This isn't just burglary, or cheating, or corruption:  it's wholesale murder!

Executive privilege has historically only been asserted for documents and information directly relating to presidential briefings and decision-making.  Therefore, if President Obama is asserting it in this case, it can only be legal if he was briefed about and/or made executive decisions concerning Operation Fast And Furious and/or related issues.  If that is the case, it would directly implicate the office of the President - and President Obama himself - in the murders that resulted from this scandal.  On the other hand, if it's not the case and President Obama was neither briefed about nor made decisions concerning this operation, then he can't assert executive privilege over the documents concerned.  It's as clear-cut as that.

I can't understand why the mainstream media are so silent about a scandal that might make Watergate look like a Sunday school picnic by comparison!  (Larry Correia describes its implications very well on his blog.  Go read.)  Any and all right-thinking Americans, of any and all political persuasions, should be profoundly concerned about this.  It's not about Republicans or Democrats, but about the rule of law and the murder of US law enforcement officers.  Surely that should rise above political disagreement?  Those who are trying to portray it as mere political dissent are showing themselves to be contemptuous of both the law and their own oaths of office (not to mention the [lack of] intelligence with which they credit the electorate).

I can only hope that the truth will come out, and swiftly.  If this scandal reaches into the Oval Office (which is not yet proven), we need to know in good time before the November elections.  We daren't elect someone who could so casually approve an operation that would kill so many innocent people.



Anonymous said...

It seems there is one standard position for officials these days, elected or appointed-- too damn many OATHBREAKERS. they take an Oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, and then... use it for toilet paper. Supposed to be the BEST, the BRIGHTEST, the SMARTEST PEOPLE IN THE ROOM.....and then they think this kind of shit is ok? These kind of people need to be kept away from, or removed, by force if nessisary, from the levers of power. Your choice, trial for treason or..... assasination?

Anonymous said...

Of course Obama, Holder, etc, are guilty as Hell. Hopefully, they will end up in jail where they belong, although if they end up like Mussolini, that would be OK too!


Unknown said...

This is yet more proof that the president, and probably all his advisers as well, have no respect for, and possibly not even knowledge of, the law of the land.

perlhaqr said...

A friend who is even more cynical than me said: "So? We dick with other countries and murder their citizens all the time. It's just usually the CIA instead of the DOJ. Why would you expect a media uproar this time?"

jbrock said...

" ... the mainstream media are so silent" because all of the outlets except for Fox (aka the RNC Channel) are completely in the bag for the Zero & Co.

Anonymous said...
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