Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obamacare delenda est!

Marcus Portius Cato, also known as Cato the Elder, was a Roman citizen who lived from 234-149 BC, during the Punic Wars between Rome and Carthage.  He's widely credited with stirring up the Third Punic War, which led to the utter and permanent destruction of Carthage.  Among his many efforts in that regard was the phrase 'Carthago delenda est!' ('Carthage must be destroyed!'), which he repeated at the end of every one of his speeches, whether or not it had anything to do with Carthage.  So effective was his advocacy (and that of others) that in the end, his advice was acted upon.  Carthage was, indeed, destroyed.

That's the sort of attitude we must adopt, today and henceforth, now that the Supreme Court has upheld the abomination that is Obamacare.  I find it an absolute outrage that the Federal Government should assume, or be granted by court fiat, the power to order any individual to buy a commercial product that he/she does not wish to purchase for themselves.  Furthermore, Obamacare imposes one of the largest tax increases in US history.  The full impact won't be felt for several years yet, but we're all going to take it in the pocketbook from this disastrous legislation.  It's also filled with crony capitalism, corruption and bureaucratic obfuscation that make it almost impossible for the average layman to decipher it.

This law must be overturned in its entirety.  It can't be reformed, it can't be amended - all that would do is make it even more complex and incomprehensible.  Obamacare must be destroyed.

From now on, as far as I'm concerned, that's the single most important criterion by which to judge any person seeking elected office - will they vote for, or will they work towards, the repeal of Obamacare?  If they will, they're worth supporting.  If they won't, or if they promise to do so then renege on that commitment, they're worthless and should be discarded.

Obamacare delenda est!



Anonymous said...

I agree, but must add that until such time as Obama is impeached, and all bar about 3 of the Congress are removed from office, then this country will not make any changes to improve.

Why 3 in Congress? Only 3 men stood up against passing a 'retroactive law' which 'allowed' Obama to murder a US citizen via drone. The fact that this man was a traitor is not germain; either we are a nation of law - the foundation being the Constitution - or we are not. There is no gray area. It's like being pregnant. Is she is, or is she ain't?

"Washington DC? Jail 99% of them and start over."

Pastor Glenn

CarlS said...

ObamaCare Is a Tax? A legal tax?

Bull !

While we are working to overthrow this tyrannical decree, we should also work to remove from office those who aided & abetted its' implementation. Court Judges, clerks, et al; each and every member of Congress who failed to actively prevent it; all members of the Executive Branch from Obama on down, to include all members of the Justus Dept. As we work to get them removed - legally (if there is such a concept any longer) - we should also work to destroy their reputations and their assets. After all, since federal law allows, nay, demands the forfeiture of assets engendered by criminal actions, so too should they lose all their wealth and real property.

Remember, just as the Congress, the Court & Justus Dept have said, if we do not target the underlying causes (greed and corruption in, around, of, and by individual members of government), we will never be able to eliminate crime.

We must, of course, take every measure to ensure our actions remain legal. Just as our government has and is doing to ensure our rights are protected.

Rev. Paul said...

Anything I'd add to this discussion is merely repetition.

Delenda est!

Old NFO said...

Concur, plain and simple... sigh

Anonymous said...

Everyone is mad at Obama, but he didn't even want this plan. Originally Obama wanted a single payer system. This health plan was designed by Mitt Romney while Governor of Massachusetts, and Obama used it to come up with a better plan than what we had before while attempting to reach across party lines to compromise and "git er done". It was the Republicans in the House and Senate that made changes such as removing a federal health care buy in, which would have been much more efficient. Btw, the actual name of Obamacare is "the affordable health care act". Its not perfect, but at least now people can't get dropped by insurance companies when they need it most (google "Nataline Sarkisyan" the 17 year old that cigna refused to pay for, until it was too late. I personally feel the plan started out with good intentions, but that by the time it was passed, too many changes had been made, and more so for political gain, and not for the benefit of the public. Additionally, I see way too many people going to the hospital that have no insurance, and I know that I'm paying for them every time. Now that the Supreme Court has voiced their opinion, maybe we can come up with a better plan, but anger without focus on improvement equals lost energy.

Anonymous said...

If we had proper single payer health care like the UK or Canada, we wouldn't need Obamacare, would we? Of course the Republicans, Libertarians, NeoCons, Tea Partiers, etc, have been fighting that concept because it doesn't worship at the Holy Altar of Profit for the insurance companies.

Amazing how the other industrialized nations can have National Health Care and the US can't.

Of course when we spend 4.7% of our GDP, $700 billion, as much as the next 14 nations combined, on our War Department, it's sort of hard to do that isn't it?

Maybe if the US didn't worship at the High Church of Redemptive Violence, and the Holy Altar of Profit, while planning how to bomb anyone who even looks cross eyed at the US, we might be a little more in line with Christ's teachings.

raven said...

Them that has National Heath Care ain't all that crazy about it -might want to check out what the average Brit has to say about NHS.
And as far as I can see, the Big Boys of Medical Capitalism are just fine with Obamacare.

trailbee said...

Ditto. I'm using your title as the new heading in my blog. Many thanks. I've been waiting for some time. This is very appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Then the Big Boys of National health care need to pay dearly..

Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd live to see the State unmoor itself from the nation like this.

Toejam said...

I'm 70, sane and experienced enough to know Obama is attempting to create a Socialist republic by stealth. Snake oil salesmen are good at stealth.

The best way to try and reverse this mess is to vote Romney in November.

Of course we could always try to instigate a scandal that will damage the Democrats and throw their agenda into chaos.

Anyone volunteer to have an affair with Nancy Pelosi and then have the photos revealed?

Come on Old NFO,. Remember, it's for your country!

Anonymous said...

Damn, Toejam! Now I need about 6gal. of brain-bleach to get that out of my head! let alone tryin' to finness a man into a suicide mission.... :-P. JohninMd(help!)

Anonymous said...

It's strange you can now be taxed for NOT doing something, like buying health care.

Now if they tax married couples for not having sex we will balance the budget and show a surplus1


Anonymous said...

I've lived in the UK with national (un)health system and it sucks.

There's no polite way to put it.

Didn't anyone here see the headlines (probably censored by the mainstream media) from the Uk where a doctor there claimed that 130,000 senior citizens are "culled" by the NHS each year to save money?

Don't worry; apparently people age 76 and over won't get cancer treatment from Obamacare - so we'll join the UK in having our elderly sacrificed at the altar of money, too.

Pastor Glenn

PapaMAS said...

The marching orders to the next Congress will be one word: Repeal.

SiGraybeard said...

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