Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Doofus Of The Day #607

Lesson #1 in dealing with large, carnivorous wild animals:  they are not pets, and are not trustworthy!

It seems that some airboat 'captains' in Florida have been ignoring that lesson.  One of them's just re-learned it the hard way, as this TV news report shows.

There's another (written) news report here with a few more details.

Repeat after me:  "Thou shalt not place thy bare hands, bearing food, in the immediate vicinity of an apex carnivore's mouth!"




USSHelm said...

Shouldn't that be any carnivore? Not just an apex carnivore?

TimB52 said...

He got a stupid fine of $500 on top of losing his hand. Seems deserved to me.

Anonymous said...

$500.00? Is that all they charge for Felony Stupid in Fla.? JohninMd(help)

Murphy's Law said...

This is why there is a law against feeding gators. But many of these tour operators want to impress their fares and get better tips so they break that law. He wins the ID-10-T award.