Friday, June 8, 2012

Moscow paints itself into a rainbow corner

I found it hard to believe my eyes at this report from the Atlantic.

This is not from The Onion, and it's not April Fool's.  Moscow's city and district courts are in unison that gay pride parades in Moscow will be banned until at least 2112 -- 100 years from now.

. . .

Putin better go back and study up on the Hegelian dialectic.  It's hard to imagine a more animating event than a 100-year ban to throw at gays, their families and friends, and believers in democracy than such an absurd and comic ban.

. . .

Russia -- strategically important, a key member of the UN P-5, a country America must work with on challenges ranging from Iran to Syria to global oil and energy issues, with a steady and mostly sensible foreign minister -- is increasingly becoming a farce among nations, its seriousness dissolving with idiotic gestures like this gay ban.

There's more at the link.

I mean . . . WTF???  You don't like the cause for which protesters are on the streets, so you ban the protests for the next century???  I can't think of anything more calculated to make the banners look ridiculous - and justify the protesters in the eyes of any sane person!



Anonymous said...

Actually the local gay organisation filed for permits for demonstrations for the years 2012 - 2112. Which got denied.

The absurdity is strong with that story.

Anonymous said...

I doubt Vlad gives a rat's ass what you, I or the rest of the world thinks.