Friday, June 22, 2012

Politicians making cuts - the hard way!

We've spoken of the need for politicians to cut expenditure . . . but in one country at least, they're making cuts of an altogether more radical nature!  The BBC reports:

At least 10 Zimbabwean MP's have been circumcised as part of a campaign to reduce HIV and Aids cases.

A small makeshift clinic for carrying out the procedures was erected in Parliament House in the capital Harare.

Blessing Chebundo, chairman of Zimbabwe Parliamentarians Against Aids, said his main objective was to inspire other citizens to follow suit.

Research by the UN has suggested male circumcision can reduce the spread of HIV and Aids.

There's more at the link.

I don't know about persuading US politicians to undergo a similar procedure to reduce HIV/Aids infections . . . but perhaps we could use it to persuade them to cut spending instead?  For every ten billion dollars reduction in spending, they get to keep an additional millimeter of their fifth column.  If they cut spending enough, they get to keep the whole thing!  How about it, pols?


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irontomflint said...

That scenario means that right now someone would be saying to Obama;

"It won't be long now..."

And he would reply; Michelle beat ya to it."