Monday, June 18, 2012

Doofus Of The Day #609

Today's award goes to a group of animal rights activists in Beijing, China.

Thousands of snakes released into the wild by animal rights campaigners in the Chinese capital Beijing have been slaughtered by terrified villagers who were invaded by the serpents.

The reptiles had been rescued from food markets in the city where they would have been skinned, chopped and put in cooking pots.

But instead of a long life in the wild, most of the beasts were beaten to death by terrified villagers around the city suburbs after being released from their cages.

"They were everywhere. Instead of releasing one or two at a time, the fools let them go all in one place," said one villager.

Not the most successful release operation, was it?



Unknown said...

...and a waste of food!

trailbee said...

MANY years ago I fished from my brother-in-laws schooner in Cadiz. I caught the fish, a real gorgeous, colorful little creature, got it off the hook, felt so badly, that I threw it back. Wrong thing to do. It died. It's the unintended consequences that get us. Ah, well. :)

Anonymous said...

Do they taste like chicken? B-). JohninMd(help?)