Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Blogging from the road

Miss D. and I will be hitting the road tomorrow for a brief excursion to Indiana.  We hope to spend a couple of days with Brigid and Barkley, and perhaps meet a few of the Indianapolis gang while we're up there.  They're forecasting triple-digit temperatures over the weekend, so I hope we don't melt!

I'll put up some blog posts from the road, but they may not be as many as usual, or posted at the same time as normal.  Please keep us in your prayers for traveling safety.  I'll be back on Sunday evening, all being well, so normal service should be resumed the following day.

Y'all have a great Fourth of July weekend yourselves!



Old NFO said...

Travel safe and enjoy yourselves!

Carteach said...

Safe Trip to you, and enjoy the time!
Knowing Brigid, I predict an excellent meal in their someplace as well.

Toejam said...

If you're going by way of Arizona don't forget to bring your passports!

Not to worry, according to SCOTUS the police can ask for them but they can't do anything else.

Have a nice journey.