Saturday, June 16, 2012

An unexpected sex tape!

I'm chortling to read of an Austrian politician who was caught in flagrante delicto - but not as you might expect.  The Austrian Times reports:

A debate about the use of forest cameras has erupted after an unnamed Austrian politician was caught on camera having sex in a forest by a camera fixed up to monitor local wildlife.

Luckily for the politician his blushes have been spared as the pictures have not been released in the Austrian province of Carinthia.

But now an investigation has been launched to check the legality of the cameras and whether people need to be warned they are in operation in these places.

The cameras are mounted on trees and take an automatic picture when they detect movement. The cameras as well as being used by hunters are also used by nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.

. . .

Hans Zeger, manager of data company ARGE Daten reinforced that every camera which produces pictures where people can be identified needs to be registered and licensed. The pictures are also not allowed to be published from these cameras.

People published on these pictures could be given up to 20,000 Euros in compensation.

There's more at the link.

Well, he may not have been game, but he was certainly having fun and games, wasn't he?  I wonder whether his partner was his wife, or someone else?



Rich said...

I'm interested in the "camera needs to be registered and licensed" line.

Does this just apply to automated, or government operated cams?

Or, do all camera owners in Austria need licenses?

Shrimp said...

A politician having sex with his wife? Surely you jest, Peter. Of course it was someone other than his wife. He is a politician.

Anonymous said...

Well, he did ask if she was game . . . (yeah, ancient joke. It's early.)


Anonymous said...

I didn't check out the link. Does the story specify if his partner was a woman or some other form of local wildlife?

Rob J