Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Doofus Of The Day #288

Today's Doofus is from California.

The California Highway Patrol says a man stole a car to make a court appearance on a previous auto theft charge.

Patrol investigator Chris Linehan says he arrested Samuel Botchvaroff on Tuesday as he sat inside a stolen 2000 Range Rover at the Vallejo courthouse. The 24-year-old Botchvaroff had just left his arraignment on auto theft charges stemming from an Oct. 31 arrest.

Linehan said the Range Rover's LoJack system helped him locate the vehicle, which had been stolen from Oakland earlier Tuesday morning.

Authorities say Botchvaroff told officers his car had been impounded, and he had no other way to get to his arraignment.

Hmm. Perhaps someone should tell Mr. Botchvaroff (the first syllable of whose name is a fitting description of his success as a thief, methinks) that taxis, public transport, and hitch-hiking are all viable alternatives. If worst comes to worst, simply present yourself at the nearest police station and tell them where you're supposed to be. I'm sure the nice policemen will find a way to get you there!


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Steve R said...

To paraphrase and plagiarize that great philosopher Forrest Gump:
doofus is as doofus does.