Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Of colds, flu and swine flu . . .

. . . and how to tell them apart.

Rich, blogging at Stability For Our Time, has published a very useful list of symptoms of all three illnesses. It makes it very easy to see at a glance what you or your loved ones have likely caught. It helped me self-diagnose piggy flu over the weekend, and my doctor confirmed that it's a pretty accurate comparative list of symptoms.

Recommended reading at this time of year.



Mikael said...

Useful comparison, thanks. That makes me pretty certain what I'm currently suffering from is the seasonal flu, not the swine flu(the main symptom difference that affects me is the runny nose...)

I'm on my third day of fever, shivering has subsided, and I'm not as tired(I've been curled up in a ball and sleeping a lot) and headache is gone and breathing is getting easier again.

Jim March said...

Piggie flu is now known as "Hamthrax".

That is all.