Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yep - in Massachusetts, the law is certainly an ass!

Jay G. highlights an unbelievable situation in a blog post today.

Beverly man pleads guilty to molesting child

SALEM — A Beverly man has been sentenced to up to 3½ years in prison after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting a Peabody boy numerous times when he was between the ages of 6 and 8.

Prosecutors called the actions of 31-year-old Shawn Finnegan "despicable, horrific and unimaginable" in Salem Superior Court on Monday.

Got that? "Up to" 3½ years. This man destroyed a child's life and will most likely not even serve two years in prison for it. This is how the state of Massachusetts handles dangerous criminals - slap 'em on the wrist, wag your finger, and let 'em out the revolving door. Here's the kicker. If I were to pick up a 12 round magazine manufactured in 1995 at a gun show, I would serve a five year prison term. Think about that for a second.

Here's how MA views crimes:

* Own a "banned" high capacity magazine: Five years in jail.
* Molest a young child: Three and a half years in jail.

Is this not the most f***ed-up thing you have ever heard?

Yes, it most certainly is! Who the hell wrote the penalties for child molestation into Massachusetts law? I'd like to tar and feather the idiot, run him out of town on a rail, then hire someone to rewrite every clause, section and paragraph of the relevant statutes!



makeumdothechicken said...

The same folks who repeatedly elected Teddy the Swimmer to the Senate.

Robert McDonald said...

I just put up a blog about rapists not being dealt with properly, and the resulting future horror that so often occurs. A convicted rapist should never have the opportunity to become a serial killer.

Jay G said...

Thanks for the link, Peter. I could not believe that story when I read it yesterday, and as I started putting up the post, it dawned on me that the state of MA had sentenced a child rapist to a lesser sentence than proscribed for someone running afoul of the state AWB.

Is that or is that not surreal?

BTW, glad to hear you're doing better, and please note that you are listed on the MArooned blogroll!

raven said...

This is standard and normal for an oppressive State-The State does NOT care about public safety-in fact, it prefers a high crime level to ensure passage of new laws. What the State cares about is threats to the State. Street criminals pose no threat to the State. What poses a threat to State is aware, self motivated people-especially people with guns.
The ultimate threat to the State is a Tax Resister which is why the penalties are so ruthless.

Sebastian said...

Hey, we had two "kids" :rolleyes: over here in Sweden who conspired to kill one of their schoolmates earlier this year in June. They are to serve a whooping 20 months in juvie. Ain't that grand?

Anonymous said...

Taxachusettes is a Lefty state. Thankfully, I no longer live there, though some relatives still have to.

And what's wrong with Lefties? Well, they have no problem with perversion, as we can see with Obama's "Safe Schools Czar" Kevin Jennings.

Yeah, safe for sexual predators.