Monday, November 9, 2009

Larry hits one out of the park

My friend Larry Correia published an article on his blog about the Democratic Party's socialized health care plan. In my not-so-humble opinion, Larry's hit this one right out of the park - a brilliant analysis. Here's an excerpt.

Pelosi doesn’t care that a bunch of democrats will lose their jobs, because she is in it to win it. If this passes, then America will be changed, and it will be almost impossible to change it back. Pelosi is a Marxist, and Marxists are patient. The blue dog democrats are expendable. All that matters to her is to shift the country further left. Nancy would love for them to vote for this, then lose their seats, because her work will have been done, and it is hard to untighten the noose when you’re already swinging from the gallows.

This bill isn’t about insuring the sick, lazy, poor, stupid, or your Cousin Pooky. This bill is about twisting America into a socialist country. If all it was about was forcing insurance companies to be more competitive or to take people with pre-existing conditions, they could do that with a five page bill. This thing is now 1,900 pages.

Think about that for a second. 1,900 pages. Take four reams of paper and stack them on top of each other. The bill from August was 800 pages shorter, and none of our congressmen had read that one either. Just what kind of bullshit is going to be crammed into this one?

Unemployment is officially around 10%, and most of us realize that stat is understated. Yet somehow our government’s top priority is pushing a bill that everyone knows will increase unemployment and raise taxes. Obama has now spent more money than anyone else, ever, combined, in one eighth of the time, and his next big idea is a bill that creates another hundred federal bureaucracies. The American people’s priorities might be jobs and prosperity, but Obama’s is priority is total Marxist control.

“Silly, Correia. Obama’s not a Marxist. Enough of your terrible right wing hate speech.”

Oh, my apologies. However could I think that a guy who has hired a bunch of self-proclaimed communists, and who surrounds himself with union thugs, and who’s mentors were Marxists, and who hung out with socialists in college, and who has fostered unprecedented power grabs in record time, and who’s employees seem to quote a lot of Mao, and who has never pushed one single thing that Karl Marx himself would disapprove of, could possibly not be as pure as the driven snow!

After the stimulus bills, the government controls or directly oversees about thirty percent of our economy. With healthcare they’ll gain another 18%. That means that the government will be controlling about half of our nation’s economy. So, wait a second… will all those people who told me I was crazy for calling Obama a Marxist last year finally admit that I was right when the government controls HALF of the business in America? No? So, when then? 70%? Is he still a moderate when the government controls 99% of the free market? I won’t know, because I’ll probably be in a ‘reeducation’ camp by then. Net neutrality, don’t you know.

Great stuff! There's more at the link. Go read the whole thing, and please circulate the link to your friends - and ask them to join you in pounding your Senators to encourage them to bury this monstrosity!

As for me, any candidate for election who solemnly swears to make his first and highest priority the immediate, total repeal of any and all Obama-era legislation that increases Government's control of any aspect of American life . . . that person's got my vote, irrespective of party.

To hell with socialism in any form!



Noons said...

"Silly, Correia. Obama’s not a Marxist"

If it looks like a duck,
walks like a duck,
quacks like a duck,
then perhaps,
just maybe mind you,
it *is* a duck?


Larry Correia said...

Hey, Peter. Thanks for the link. It is good to see you back in the saddle. :)