Monday, November 2, 2009

How to get rid of a drinking habit - NOT!!!

A forklift driver in a Russian liquor warehouse had a really, really bad day last week. The video says it all.

That was five million rubles' worth of liquor, right there - about US $171,000. Amazingly, despite being trapped under the liquorslide, neither forklift truck driver was seriously injured. They were pulled out by their fellow workers.

Dedicated dipsomaniacs may now commence crying . . .



Morris said...

Man, with that much booze lying around broken you could probably get drunk on the fumes alone..


Robert McDonald said...

That must have made for a bad day. I'd be weeping if those were cases of Jack Daniel's.

Glenn B said...

I don't suppose the owner's of the warehouse will ever again bu their shelving at Главная Depot.