Sunday, November 15, 2009

For your reading pleasure

A tip o' the hat to Julie for introducing me to Dr. Grumpy's blog. It's often very funny, always interesting, and a great read.

The post that particularly caught our eye was this one. I strongly advise against following the links he provides if you're at work, because it's anything but safe for that environment: and even if you're at home, make sure the kids aren't around. Nevertheless, the mere idea of such a service is absolutely mind-boggling - not to mention questions of hygiene and sanitation! Definitely something I'd avoid, but clearly others don't have that objection.

Other posts to enjoy:

I've already been through a couple of months of previous posts, and I can see I'll be spending more time at the good Doctor's blog. Highly recommended. Thanks, Julie!


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Anonymous said...

1st thank you for the funny link to Dr Grumpy.
2nd The site is a joke and is not real. Dr Grumpy has posted that it was a hoax that he was taken in by

"Sunday, November 15, 2009
Suckered In
Okay, Dr. Grumpy was taken.

Several of you have written in that is a fake, and was featured on Museum of Hoaxes as far back as 2005.

And, I must admit, you are right. I looked into it, and discovered that (as suggested on Museum of Hoaxes) when you try to join, or click on the button for a free trial, you are informed it doesn't exist.

So, I'm sorry. I guess I should have looked into it further. I am now fully admitting my error to all, as I try to be a responsible blogger (are we considered journalists of some sort? I doubt it).

On the one hand I'm glad to know such a gross, disease-spreading, business idea doesn't really exist. But there is also a vague sense of sadness in knowing that I got taken, and that the entrepreneurial spirit isn't quite as unlimited as I thought.

And to the unknown person who set the site up to see how many suckers would believe it, I admit that you got me.
Posted by Grumpy, M.D. at 9:31 AM "

He still has some hilarious stuff though.

Best wishes