Saturday, November 21, 2009

World's smallest violin!

The Austrian Times reports that a Chinese inventor has produced the world's smallest violin.

At less than half an inch long, this tiny violin is, frankly, a bit of a fiddle to play.

But it's likely to scoop its creator Chen Lianxhi, 66, a world record for making the globe's smallest violin.

Chen, of Beijing, China, took seven years to craft the tiny instrument from 30 separate parts with strings thinner than a human hair.

"Although it's small each part is just as it would be on a full size violin. It can even play a tune, maybe not as pleasant as a larger instrument but it can make music," said Chen.

That's amazing! I'd love to hear what sort of sounds it can produce. Next challenge - produce a robot small enough (and smart enough) to play it!



LabRat said...

Fool. He'll be spending the rest of his life playing the world's saddest song on it.

Old NFO said...

WOW- 7 years wasted on that? It's neat, but what could he have done productivly in that time????

gamachinist said...

Does it play "My Heart Bleeds"?