Thursday, November 12, 2009

Doofus Of The Day #289

Today's Doofus comes from Germany.

A circus lion went on a night-time odyssey in Germany when thieves stole the van carrying him and then abandoned it after crashing into a road sign.

Police in the western city of Wuppertal later had the van towed away to a depot - unaware that the five-year-old lion called Caesar was inside.

Caesar appeared unhurt when a lion tamer arrived to reclaim him after Circus Probst had reported the theft.

The thieves got away and may have been unaware of Caesar's presence.

A circus spokesman, Laurens Thoen, told German media that there was no indication on the van about its dangerous cargo.

Caesar is reported to be "fine" and is due to perform again in Krefeld on Friday.

I'm not so sure about the thieves being 'unaware of Caesar's presence'. Just how do you think the van rammed the road sign in the first place? I rather suspect the driver glanced over his shoulder - and saw he had company of the sort he really, really wasn't expecting! I should think the road sign was the quickest and most convenient way to stop the van so he could get the hell out of there!

As for the police towing the van to the depot . . . can you imagine the face of the policeman who would have opened it next morning, if the circus hadn't come to claim their lion in the meantime? And can you imagine the greeting the by-then-very-hungry Caesar would have given him?


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