Saturday, November 28, 2009

A sobering report on a house fire

Regular readers will remember that I had a house fire last year, and wrote about it here on several occasions. It's the second building fire in which I've been involved, and neither were any fun at all.

Now comes an account of a British couple whose house caught fire. The wife goes into a lot of detail about the mistakes they made, and what they learned from the experience. I strongly recommend clicking on the link and reading her report.

Friends, a house fire is damn scary, and very, very dangerous too. If you want to be prepared for such an emergency, reports like this are worth their weight in gold. Learn from them.


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Chip said...

I have been a firefighter for 31 years and have been in smoke like that many times. What makes it different for us is we bring our own air. You can't believe how fast the smoke fills a place up and how disoriented you become when you can't breathe. In my house I have 5 smoke detectors that are interconnected so that if one goes off they all go off. Every one in my house knows that you don't try to save anything you just get out. Fire doubles in size every minute and you don't have the time to save anything but yourself.