Saturday, November 28, 2009

World's strongest beer

The BBC reports that a Scottish brewery has launched what it claims is the world's strongest beer.

A controversial Scottish brewery has launched what it described as the world's strongest beer - with a 32% alcohol content.

Tactical Nuclear Penguin has been unveiled by BrewDog of Fraserburgh.

BrewDog was previously branded irresponsible for an 18.2% beer called Tokyo, which it then followed with a low alcohol beer called Nanny State.

Managing director James Watt said a limited supply of Tactical Nuclear Penguin would be sold for £30 each.

He said: "This beer is about pushing the boundaries, it is about taking innovation in beer to a whole new level."

Mr Watt added that a beer such as Tactical Nuclear Penguin should be drunk in "spirit sized measures".

A warning on the label states: "This is an extremely strong beer; it should be enjoyed in small servings and with an air of aristocratic nonchalance. In exactly the same manner that you would enjoy a fine whisky, a Frank Zappa album or a visit from a friendly yet anxious ghost."

There's more at the link.

Intrigued at the prospect of a 64 proof beer (!!!), I went to the brewery's Web site. There I found the following screed:

Beer was never meant to be bland, tasteless and apathetic.

At BrewDog we are setting the record straight.

We are committed to making the highest quality beers with the finest fresh natural ingredients.

Our beers are in no way commercial or mainstream.

We do not merely aspire to the proclaimed heady heights of conformity through neutrality and blandness.

We are unique and individual.

A beacon of non-conformity in a increasingly monotone corporate desert.

We are proud to be an intrepid David in a desperate ocean of insipid Goliaths.

We are proud to be an alternative.

Well, take that as you will, they certainly seem to have produced some very unique brews! Apart from their new beer, their offerings include Trashy Blonde (subtitled 'you know you shouldn't'), 77 Lager ('juxtaposition pilsner') and Tokyo ('intergalactic fantastic oak aged stout'), which they claim was 'inspired by a 1980's space invaders arcade game played in Japan's capital'.

Here's a video describing how they made their new super-strong beer.

With so few bottles available, I guess I won't be sampling one: but it looks like an interesting effort. Well done to Brewdog for setting the pace for other brewers!



Billll said...

Miller beer marketed something like this around 93, although there may have been others earlier. The problem with the Miller stuff was the idea of calling that stuff "beer".

Sean said...

I have now decided I will make an ice beer of similar magnitude. This should be fun.

Old NFO said...

I think I'll pass... :-)