Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Doofus Of The Day #452

Today's award goes to two 'young men' in Minneapolis.

A couple young Minneapolis men who hired two exotic dancers they found on Craigslist ended up getting robbed at gunpoint.

The guys, who are both in their mid-20s, spent an evening drinking and celebrating last weekend. They decided to cap off their evening with entertainment provided by exotic dancers. However, barely two minutes after the women showed up at an Uptown condo, two men armed with guns burst into the unit.

The victims told police the robbers forced them at gunpoint to stay in a bathroom while they raided the place, taking off with cell phones, wallets, bags and a watch.

"It is a terrible idea to invite total strangers into your house, especially after you have been drinking," said Minneapolis Lt. Mike Fossum. "You are going to be set up for a future burglary or you are going to get a home-invasion that night."

Almost four days later, investigators are still looking for the armed robbers.

There's more at the link.

Just how dumb - or drunk - or both! - do you have to be to figure out that people who advertise illegal sexual services over the Internet might just possibly be into other illegal activities as well?

I note that one of the 'young men' was quoted as saying:

... he hopes that by reporting the crime to police it will help prevent someone else from getting hurt.

He also said he hopes his experience will make other men "think before you go drinking. It skews your decision-making process."

No s**t, Sherlock!!!



Anonymous said...

As long as stupid either hurts or is expensive, the gene pool will be somewhat self-cleaning.


Shrimp said...

Stupid is something one pays for. And it doesn't always cost money. Sometimes it's cheap, only costing money; sometimes it's expensive, taking one's life.

The really fortunate ones learn from the 'stupid' before it costs them their lives. The really smart ones learn from those who have done the 'stupid' without needing to try it for themselves.