Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Full marks for creativity!

I'd never heard of the Banpo Bridge over the Han River in Seoul, South Korea, until a reader e-mailed me the link to this article.

The fountain installed at Banpo Bridge in Seoul is 1,140-meter-long [about 3,740 feet] (it runs 570 meters [about 1,870 feet] on each side) - setting the world record for the longest bridge fountain.

Banpo Bridge (image courtesy of Wikipedia)

. . .

About 200 lights illuminate the bridge in a kaleidoscope of colors.

The jets of water 'dance' to music in 100 different choreographed movements. Creating an even more fantastic scene at night is a dynamic lighting scheme from 190 exterior 600 colour changing luminaires.

There's more at the link.

There are some remarkable video clips of the bridge and its fountain on YouTube. The first one below is a longer clip, showing the fountain by day and by night. The second, shorter clip concentrates on a night view, showing the different colors generated during the 'performance'.

That's something I'd like to see for myself one day. Kudos to whoever thought of the idea, as well as those who designed, built, and operate it.


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Old NFO said...

I don't remember that one... Must be new, or it didn't have the fountain!