Saturday, March 12, 2011

Doofus Of The Day #454

Despite having given Charlie Sheen a Doofus post earlier this morning, I have to award another Doofus title this evening. This one goes to - of all things! - a Bigfoot impersonator in New Hampshire.

Performance artist and filmmaker Jonathan Doyle, who likes to dress up as Bigfoot and wander Mount Monadnock, claims the state of New Hampshire is stomping on his civil liberties.

In 2009, park rangers kicked him off the mountain because Doyle had failed to purchase a required $100 special-use permit and special insurance.

At the time, Doyle and friends were in full costume, filming a documentary, when park manager Patrick Hummel interrupted the skit and kicked him out.

Doyle called the American Civil Liberties Union, and they agreed to take up his case, filing a suit that accuses the government of overreaching and violating his free speech rights.

There's more at the link. Here's a video clip of their doings.

I don't think Mr. Doyle has a leg to stand on, no matter how hairy. After all, on his own Web site, he quotes a Park official as saying, "Several people came to me frightened telling me of this terrible beast spotted on the summit. This info was called into headquarters. Headquarters also had reports of sightings." Yep - if you scare the public, of course the Park officials are going to take action against you! What kind of blithering idiot fails to recognize that basic fact?

Personally, I hope Mr. Doyle comes down to this part of the world to try his Bigfoot imitation. The hunting population around here is a whole lot thicker on the ground than in New Hampshire, and a rumor that Bigfoot was in the area would lead to a veritable stampede of rifle-totin' good ol' boys, out to make history - not to mention a second stampede of taxidermists, competing to stuff and mount the carcass! In fact, I think local law enforcement officers would be leading the charge, having used their car radios to first, call in sick, and second, co-ordinate the hunt!



suz said...

No lack of Doofi...

David said...

I am not sure about the relevant statistics on hunting in NH versus your area, but having grown up there it is far from an unusual activity.