Saturday, March 19, 2011

Light posting tonight

I've been out at a farm all day with Miss D., our landlord and friend, and a bunch of his and others' kids, shooting, plowing, harrowing, sowing, cooking and eating. It's been fun, but exhausting! - and it hasn't left me much time to post to my blog.

I'll try to put up a couple of posts in the morning. In the meantime, in honor of a small but highly energetic Jack Russell terrier who graced us with her company today (and allowed us to throw a ball for her until our arms were dropping off!), here are two video clips of puppies doing their puppy thing.

First, a puppy meets a spring doorstop.

Next, a very energetic and high-speed pup.

All together, now: Awwww!



ZerCool said...

The Puppy Powerslide is always good for a laugh. Awwwww!

Old NFO said...

Very cute, and glad y'all had a good day!

Anonymous said...

Apparently that Frenchie was so cute, she made the news!

French Bulldog Puppy v. Doorstop | JMUALUM08 | YouTube -- [Emma fights the evil spring-type doorstop. Emma was on Fox News on 12/1/2010, check out the clip here:]

suz said...

:) Thanks for the Sunday smile. I recommend a tennis racket for "fetch." It saves wear and tear on the arms and the dog gets gets worn out faster. Usually.

perlhaqr said...

I've been that puppy, in a moderately high powered RWD car in a parking lot full of black ice. :D

Anonymous said...

As she gets bigger, you might try one of the tennis ball chuckers that Lab owners swear by. Sort of an atl-atl that saves your arm and shoulders.

LabRat said...

This is why I have dogs whose reaction to a thrown ball is to silently asking me why, if I wanted it, I threw it away.