Monday, March 21, 2011

Oh, hell, yes!

I'm delighted to see that Hugh Hewitt understands the reality of the grassroots disaffection with traditional political parties and 'politics as usual' in the USA.

The appropriators have emerged in 2011 as triple threats. They threaten the country by continuing to vote for massive deficits paid for with a currency that cannot sustain such a flood of hot money.

They threaten the GOP House majority as voters were pledged change by a GOP leadership that over and over again admitted "they had lost their way" prior to 2006. Rather than change, the appropriators first tried to pass a mere $31 billion in "cuts" for fiscal 2011 and then upped it to $60 billion and used magical thinking to brand that as compliant with the Pledge to America's promise of at least $100 billion in cuts.

Mostly, though, the Republican appropriators threaten their own re-elections. In this age of new media, instant messaging and Twitter, Tea Party activists across the country have already figured out their No. 1 opponents are not Democrats but GOP appropriators.

Expect some to face primary opponents but, far worse, expect organized Tea Party support for Democratic challengers to GOP appropriators in November 2012. "Republican appropriator" is going to emerge as a branding tag as popular as "Typhoid Mary."

Watch the April 16 rallies of the Tea Parties this year. The Tea Party Patriots will be holding a huge rally in Sacramento, Calif., and the rhetoric that day won't be about Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, but about the faithless GOP, and especially about the GOP appropriators who are blocking the caucus from taking the steps needed to slash government's size, scope and cost.

There's more at the link.

I couldn't agree more! I've said many times that I distrust equally both the Democratic and Republican parties. Give me a good candidate, and they'll get my vote irrespective of their political affiliation. I vote for the individual, not for the party. In particular, a candidate who's determined to cut spending and committed to reducing the size of government, and won't waver from those priorities, is guaranteed my support. However, if they waver from those pledges, they're equally guaranteed retaliation at the next election!


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Billll said...

Telling yourself that you're voting the individual and not the party is self delusion. Once a person is elected, they are part of the party, and tend to vote in lockstep with the leadership, no matter what a pack of moonbats they might be.
A "highly principled blue dog democrat" differs from a doctrinaire Marxist only in the size of the bribe (they call it pork) he demands before throwing his support behind whatever the leadership is trying to pass.
A moderate republican does the same thing only he doesn't care so much which party is buying his vote.

The time is fast approaching when the Republicans will have to either deliver the goods, go down trying, or go the way of the Whigs.