Saturday, March 12, 2011

A laugh and a tear

Two blog posts caught my eye today.

The first, from Dustbury, linked to a post on The Lemon Stand, describing the perils of nude males performing plumbing repairs when a cat is in the vicinity. Great for a laugh.

The second, from Ambulance Driver, linked to a post on A Look At EMS From 120 Feet Below. No laughter here - indeed, a sympathetic tear: but a great human interest story.

Both are worth reading. Recommended.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting these. Both of them.

suz said...

I already caught the post from AD; The Lemon Stand brought a laugh AND a tear! Thanks!

Lemon Stand said...

Ambulance Driver is always great to read no matter what he writes and I'm glad you enjoyed my post... without cringing, I hope? :)