Monday, March 21, 2011

How to jump (some) Internet paywalls

The Guardian newspaper in England highlights an article in the Canadian Globe & Mail newspaper, which shows how to circumvent some of the pay-per-view 'paywalls' used by certain newspapers and other organizations to restrict access to their Web sites.

Needless to say, I publish the link here purely out of academic interest, for research purposes.


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Anonymous said...

Eh, eventually you get what you pay for. I like reading bloggers obviously since I find myself here. However, if professional writers and publishers are to survive the simpering masses are going to have to do something crazy like pay for content.

The alternative is lower paid writers, lower paid editors leading to lower quality content more liberally sprinkled with ads with even less regard to editorial integrity vs. ad placement. No matter how much music and other content is stolen, there is no free lunch in the long run.