Sunday, January 23, 2011

100 Smart & Surprising Uses for Simple Drug Store Items

Courtesy of Al Fin, I was led to an article at '100 Smart & Surprising Uses for Simple Drug Store Items'. It contains many handy tips such as these:

2. Deodorize your refrigerator with vanilla extract: Soak a cotton ball with vanilla extract and place it in your fridge.
12. Dissolve melted plastic: Get melted plastic off of appliances by using nail polish remover.
16. Sanitize your cell phone: Wipe down your cell phone with rubbing alcohol.
27. Clean your computer mouse: Get dirt and grime off of your computer mouse's ball using rubbing alcohol.
35. Regenerate your car battery: Give life to your car battery with epsom salt.
51. Stop facial redness: Hemorrhoid cream can be used to clear up facial redness.
53. Treat a cold sore: Hemorrhoid cream can help treat cold sores, just be careful not to put it where you'll lick your lips.
76. Unclog a drain: Use antacid to unclog drains.
86. Sling shot with cotton balls: Play indoors sling shots with cotton balls.
88. Q tips make great small paintbrushes: Give your children kid sized paintbrushes by using q tips, and enjoy easy cleanup.
94. Remove scratches from watches: Rub nail polish remover on the face of your watch to get scratches out.
99. Remove dog ticks: Apply rubbing alcohol to ticks before pulling out to make it loosen its grip.

There are many more at the link. Interesting reading, and useful information. I think it's worth bookmarking this article for future reference. (However, no matter how well it may work, I have a viscerally negative reaction to the thought of applying hemorrhoid cream to my face!)


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Shrimp said...

Another good tip for ticks it to put vegetable oil on a gauge pad (or a cotton ball) and tape it over the tick. He'll let go and back himself out in a hurry when he can't breathe. Ask me how I know this...