Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A case of high tree-son?

This rally driver shows how not to crest a hill . . .

Good thing the spectators were standing well back from the road!



Anonymous said...

Good thing the spectators were standing well back from the road!

Well, to the extent that rally fans stand back anyway!

Better to hit a bunch of small trees than one big one though.


Old NFO said...

WOW, he needed just a 'touch' more to the right... And rally fans are just plain nucking futs!!! I'm truly surprised they don't get killed by the dozens at every event.

Rev. Paul said...

I was going to comment about how good it was that no one was standing among the small trees, but Jim & Old NFO got there first.

What they said.

Anonymous said...

reminds me of this video...come to think about it..the person who showed it to me might have gotten it here


anyway...a little bit off topic peter, but since I could not find your email I was wondering what you could tell me about this gun, not historically, but if its a good deal on a decent rifle to target practice with (not self-defense) and if you need a special licence for it or not (I know nothing about guns) besides from what i've read in your articles.


Thanks again! Hope this isn't considered spamming!

Peter said...

Anon 8.23: The Mosin-Nagant's a good military surplus rifle for fun shooting, but it's heavy and kicks hard. I wouldn't recommend it for a first rifle. Instead, I'd suggest a .22LR rifle, with the same action type (i.e. bolt-action, lever-action, semi-auto, etc.) that you intend to purchase later for a hunting weapon or defensive use.

For further contact on the subject, my e-mail address is in my blog profile.