Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ever heard of a 'mimic octopus'?

I hadn't, until I came across an article about the species on Geekologie. According to Wikipedia, the mimic octopus was only discovered in 1998. Its main claim to fame is that it imitates, or mimics, a large number of other species, some of them deadly poisonous, as a way of either camouflaging itself against detection, or intimidating potential enemies into leaving it alone.

Here's a fascinating video about the species.

Call it God's creativity, or evolution in action, or what have you . . . but isn't Mother Nature amazing?



Noons said...

I recall having seen a program in either Discovery or Animal Planet channels a few years ago where this animal was featured. I think it was taken in the Celebes or Borneo areas. It is still as amazing as back then! Particularly the "walking" bit!

Old NFO said...

Okayyyy... That is a wierd one... :-)

Just goes to show there is NO telling what's yet to be discovered underwater.

CarlS said...

Wasn't there a Sci-Fi show, TwiLight Zone or some such, where we were invaded by a creature that could "mimic" just about anything?

So ,,,, how do we know thi is really just an octopus?

FrankC said...

You've all miss the important question. Is it edible?