Thursday, January 20, 2011

Around the blogs

There's a rich harvest of good blog posts out there today.

Labrat of the Atomic Nerds describes the trials and tribulations of dealing with a shedding dog. (Gigglesnort!)

Rev. Paul describes the environmentalists' lies about the ANWR drilling proposal, and why it won't affect the environment nearly as much or as badly as they've tried to make out. Interesting reading.

Hot Air examines potential limitations to Second Amendment rights. It's an interesting discussion, but I think I can sum it up very succinctly. I'll accept as many limitations to Second Amendment rights as are acceptable to limit the First Amendment. You want to deny me the 'right' to own high-capacity magazines? Fine - but then I deny you the right to own high-capacity printing devices. For every bullet you want to remove from my magazines, I want to remove 10, or 20, or 50, or 100 pages from your printer's paper tray. For every type of weapon you want to ban, I want to ban an equally advanced communication technology. No semi-auto rifles in my hands? Fine - then no personal computers in yours.

Logical, isn't it? It also shows the absolute stupidity of trying to restrict 'rights' with artificial boundaries. Either a right is a right, or it isn't. If it's not a right, it's a privilege, which can be restricted or withdrawn - and there's no such thing as a 'Bill Of Privileges' in the United States Constitution. If you'd tried to get one past the Founding Fathers, they'd have tarred and feathered you. So will I, if you try to reinterpret the Bill of Rights as such. I daresay most of my readers will volunteer to help apply the tar and feathers!

Finally, Miss D. has some excellent news about her plane. She's been bouncing around the house with excitement since she heard, yesterday. With luck, she might calm down sometime over the weekend.



Bill N. said...

Isn't Miss D now Mrs. Peter?

Peter said...

Yes, she is. :-)

Jenny said...

.. and at this rate she won't need a plane to take into the sky. :)

Anonymous said...

Great link to Hot Air - loved it. Your comments were spot on. Most 1A/2A comparisons fail because they compare 1A conduct restrictions with 2A mechanics and cosmetics. The real 1A comparison would be printer speed restrictions, or paper purchase.