Saturday, January 15, 2011

A seat for suckers?

Via Breda and a few other links in between, we're led to Maximo Riera's Octopus Chair.

The Web page informs us:

This chair is first of a The Animal Chairs collection, consisting of more than 15 different pieces. A true art piece, it has evolved from sketches to 3D renders to CNC’d blocks which were assembled, glued, sanded, and painted by hand. A truly impressive artistic take on where the chair meets nature… one can only imagine what it must feel like to sit in such a throne!

I'd imagine it feels weird, to put it mildly! There's more at the link, as well as many more pictures of this . . . thing.

The designer goes on to say:

The piece transmits a dynamic sense of movement which almost challenges gravity, and results in a unique object with a soul, character and vitality most often found in the classic sculptural canon.

The chair sits astride the line dividing a strict, mathematical world of science and the more flexible and versatile world of art. The Octopus Chair therefore becomes a powerful intersection of complex human design integrated with nature's splendour.

Uh . . . if you say so! Personally, I'd say it looks more like a prop from the latest Pirates Of The Caribbean movie, but to each his own, I guess. The price is piratical enough: each chair is said to cost £35,000 (almost US $56,000)! Apparently only 20 will be made - certainly enough for those who have more money than sense, want a lounge filled with tentacles, and don't mind paying through the nose for it.

Problem is, could you really relax in a chair so reminiscent of Cthulhu?

Cthulhu and R'lyeh (image courtesy of Wikipedia)

I've heard of being on tenterhooks, but never on tentacles!



Anonymous said...

Now a big plush Cthulhu-shaped beanbag chair in the corner I could work with. This is just an ugly chair created so people can buy and say they did.


Anonymous said...

Cthulu was my first thought as well. And no, I do not want that in my place of abode or my place of employment, even if it were free of charge. *shudder* I come home to get away from Lovcraftian things, thank you!

suz said...

It's hideously beautiful. I can picture it in a lawyer's office.

perlhaqr said...

I was thinking you might put it in your study, with the 20mm rifle you used to bag a Great Old One hanging on the wall over it...

Anonymous said...

I think someone raided the Nautilius and stole Captain Nemo's throne.