Thursday, January 13, 2011

Horns, hooves and teeth versus sharp pointy things?

Via the Atomic Nerds, we learn that Montana is about to legalize hunting with spears.

Y'know, our ancestors moved away from hunting with spears just as soon as they possibly could (and had invented the necessary technology). One of the major reasons for their decision is that, as a direct result of the unfortunate proximity to dangerous animals that goes with the territory (so to speak) when you're using a spear, so many of them departed for the Happy Hunting Ground rather earlier than planned.

Now hunters in Montana want to go back to the spear??? Have they any idea what an angry animal - even a deer, which come in many and varying sizes - can do to you at halitosis range? (Hint - it's not pretty. There are seven links there, each to a different story of the [sometimes fatal] damage done to the human body by a deer.)

In Africa we had a fairly straightforward attitude towards those who had access to better methods of hunting, but chose to use primitive techniques. Our response is best summed up in the phrase "Well, lions have to eat, too . . . " When the inevitable happened (as it frequently did), the phrase changed to "Africa wins again!"

I think Montana should seriously considering hiring Ticketmaster to sell spectator seats for the next hunting season. They could market them in Spain and Latin America in particular. After all, the resulting fun and games should be better than a bullfight!



Bob said...

In Spain, pig hunting with spear (it's actually more of a lance) is done from horseback.

Anonymous said...

As long as it is an adult who has insurance or the ability to pay for their own health care if injured I have no objections to someone hunting with a spear. It's like some of the other extreme sports, crazy but your business.

BTW I love the line " Lions have to eat to"