Saturday, May 29, 2010

A bladeless fan?

Dyson, makers of what they claim are the world's best vacuum cleaners, have introduced a bladeless fan.

Looks very modern and impressive, doesn't it? Details of how it works are at the link. It's apparently selling like hot cakes, even though it costs far more than more conventional competitors (just as their vacuum cleaners do - which is why I don't own one!). For the $300 they want for the cheapest model listed on their Web site, I reckon I can buy at least a dozen conventional fans!

Nevertheless, the technology is very interesting, and Dyson have produced a video showing a balloon being pulled through a series of the new bladeless fans. It's quite fascinating.

After seeing that, I'd love to own one, if only for the novelty value - but not at that price . . .



Old NFO said...

Interesting tech, but I'll stick with the old fashioned ones at $12 apiece..

LabRat said...

The vacuum cleaners cost a mint, but when two Akitas are blowing coat at the same time, we think ours is worth it. At maximum fuzz potential, lesser vacuums simply choke to death and burn themselves out very quickly.

Probably gonna stick to the $20 floor box fan.

SmartDogs said...

I wonder if this concept could be modified to create a wind turbine that was quieter and safer (at least for birds) than current models?

Anonymous said...

The concept is sound, I've seen it used to pump liquids given only a small flow of whatever liquid to propel a larger volume. It isn't worth Dyson money when you could fab your own easily enough, though.