Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Doofus Of The Day #352

Today's Doofus is from Vermont.

[Douglas A.] Gardner, 54, whose criminal record includes convictions for grand larceny, escape, burglary, false impersonation and breaking and entering, was convicted of drunk driving in 1976, 1977, 1983, twice in 1985, 1989 and 1991.

The last conviction stemmed from an April 23, 1990, wreck in which Gardner crashed a stolen pickup truck into a vehicle being driven by Billy LaBier III. LaBier, of Enosburg, was a former Johnson State College student on his way to work at an auto parts store.

Gardner, who was facing his seventh DUI charge for an incident two weeks before that, was convicted in LaBier’s death and lost his driving privileges for life under a sentence that called for to up to 30 years in prison. He served nearly 20 before being released April 14.

It’s unclear whether Gardner took advantage of substance abuse counseling while in prison. State Corrections Commissioner Andy Pallito said that information was confidential.

Saturday, state police called to the scene of a one-car crash on Vermont 78 in Highgate allegedly found Gardner stumbling, smelling of alcohol and with bloodshot eyes.

He was charged with drunken driving, driving a vehicle without the owner’s consent and driving with a suspended license. The car belonged to relatives and was sitting in a yard, for sale, when Gardner took it, according to an affidavit filed by Trooper Jacob Metayer.

Defense attorney Steve Dunham, who entered not guilty pleas on all three charges Monday, declined comment after the arraignment.

With 12 felony convictions to his name, Gardner could receive a sentence of life in prison if convicted on the latest charges.

“He’s got a disease and he needs help,” said Wendy Young, his niece.

“He don’t need jail, he needs help,” said his brother, Arnold Gardner, outside court. Arnold Gardner, of St. Albans, has been convicted of drunken driving at least 17 times, according to information supplied by authorities to The Burlington Free Press.

There's more at the link.

With a record like that, he doesn't need help - he's beyond help. He needs to be removed from society permanently. (From the sound of things, his brother, with even more DUI convictions than our Doofus, should join him!)



Anonymous said...

We've had a couple of similar cases over here. I remember reading about one chap with 50+ convictions for drunk driving, and I recall, but can't find a source to verify, a guy with several hundred convictions...
IMO, they ought to be...neutralized. Terminated if you want. They are dangerous to other people, and they've gotten more than their fair share of chances. Just remove them. Permanently.

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Secesh said...

If they don't have the stones to terminate them, they could at least give them life before they kill somebody.

Steve said...

Or, in the present case, life, because they have killed somebody, and as soon as he got out after serving the sentence for that crime, went out and tried to repeat it.

Lock him up and throw away the key.

Anonymous said...

If sobriety is the goal, then a life behind bars would seem to be the only way. By all means, let us help him.


Anonymous said...

“He’s got a disease and he needs help,” said Wendy Young, his niece.
that is a load of BS, IT IS NOT A DISEASE, it is a way of life. It is a willing way of life. You just do not walk down the street and catch alcoholism,or if you did everyone would had had the disease many times during their life. you want it and then you live it. just like taking illegal, toxic drugs. this way of life does not land on you, you land on this way of life.

Anonymous said...

There is no excuse whatsoever, in anything like a civilized society, that is sufficient to permit this sort of lunacy to continue and/or to reproduce. Alcoholism is a recognized, clearly defined problem that is treatable - but the alcoholic must agree to accept the treatment. This is not a "disease", it is a toxic addiction for some people - there is no "cure"; treatment can halt the adverse effects, but an alcoholic is and alcoholic for life! They must not drink!!

I have advocated, for years, a simple three-step program for "solving the problem" with drunk drivers. Step One: First offense, take away the license for a minimum of one year. Step Two: Second offense, permanently take away license, and confiscate car (including title/registration. Step Three: If there is a third offense, when the cop has determined that the subject has, indeed, been driving drunk for a third time - without a licnse, and in someone else's car - simply walk the offender over to the shoulder/curb, have them kneel down and make their peace with whatever deity they may happen to believe in - and blow their alleged brains out on the spot.

Kinder - and far safer - for everyone.