Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Are you a versatile shooter?

The Gun Nut blog at Field & Stream magazine tells us of an interesting casting call from Pilgrim Films.

Pilgrim ... needs to cast 16 shooters. One will eliminated each week in a marksmanship challenge until the last man or woman standing claims the $100,000 prize. Because this is a History Channel show, weekly competitions could feature any projectile weapon ever made, from atlatls to assault rifles.

Pilgrim’s Semi Aboud ... says: “The kind of person who will do well will be an expert in one type of shooting, but will be able to pick up other kinds quickly.” In addition he says: “Contestants will have to be physically fit. Some of the challenges will involve running, climbing, and lifting heavy objects and shooting.”

Finally, Aboud notes, “You will need a big personality. I hesitate to use the word “character” but this is is TV after all and we want people who are interesting to watch and root for. You will have to be able to express yourself when interviewed about your feelings about the other contestants.”

. . .

Not all the details are final. You may shoot these events in historical costume. You may wind up living in a house with 15 other shooters during the filming.

There's more at the link.

Deadline for applications is January 18th, 2010. You'll find the application here. If you're a good shot, and feel like a challenge, this might be right up your street. If it weren't for the limitations of my physical handicap, I'd enter myself!


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