Monday, December 21, 2009

Good riddance to him!

I've long detested the 'gangsta' fashion of wearing very baggy, loose trousers that are constantly fallling down. However, in one case, I'm prepared to acknowledge that they were exactly the right thing for the late wearer to put on.

Police said Hector Quinones, 44, shot and killed Carlos Rodriguez Sr., 52, and his 24-year-old son, Carlos Rodriguez Jr., then stabbed to death the younger Rodriguez's grandfather, Fernando Gonzalez, 87, according to reports in the Daily News and the New York Post.

The elder Rodriguez's wife, Gisela Rodriguez, 49, and her daughter, Leyanis, 28, walked in on the carnage. Quinones heard keys in the lock and opened the door for the women, police said.

He shot the mother, who was grazed on the head by a bullet but managed to run from the apartment. The killer was just about the grab the daughter when his low-slung pants fell down and he tripped, the Post said. That gave the young woman the chance to run into a back room, where she found the bodies of her brother and father.

Quinones yanked up his pants and scrambled after Leyanis Rodriguez, who climbed onto a fire escape, screaming for help to construction workers on the roof of a nearby building, the Post said. The attacker followed her onto the fire escape, but once again his drooping pants fell and he tripped, plunging three stories to his death.

Estella Carrino, who manages a street-level bicycle store in the building, said she heard the body hit the ground.

"He had no jacket on and his pants were down. He was very dead," she told the Daily News.

There's more at the link.

Uh-huh. 'Clothes make the man' - dead, in this case. And good riddance to him!


EDITED TO ADD: has some additional information about the murderer and his victims. Looks like there was more than enough blame to go around . . .


Old NFO said...

Good riddance is RIGHT! Too bad he didn't fall first!

Anonymous said...



jimbob86 said...

"Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society."
Mark Twain

John Holmes, Linda Lovelace, etc. ?

Such people have cetainly influenced society, though not for the better.

Mudruck said...

Yea, good riddance to bad rubbish. Wish he would take taken the tumble first though before he did the rest of the crap that he did.

Have there been reports of family members coming forward with the standard, 'He was a good kid who was trying to turn his life around!' ploy? (seems that happens a lot in cases like this)