Friday, December 4, 2009

Light blogging tonight

Miss D. and I arrived safely in Nashville, Tennessee late last night, and are staying with Oleg for a couple of weeks. I was a bit worried about an eleven-hour car journey while still convalescent, but I needn't have been: my chest stood up to the journey with no real problem. It's been a bit painful today, just to remind me that it's not fully healed yet, but nothing that a painkiller or two couldn't deal with. Given that I'm only eight weeks post-surgery, I think that's doing fairly well, all things considered.

It's not much colder up here than in Louisiana at present, somewhat to my surprise - last time I was with Oleg in winter, I froze my tootsies off! Apparently my home town is supposed to get some snow flurries tonight, and they'll reach us in Nashville tomorrow night, so I guess I'd be cold wherever I was.

Oleg spent much time today photographing Miss D., to their mutual enjoyment. Keep an eye on Oleg's LiveJournal for some of the results, which should show up by late this weekend or early next week. Judging from the comments I heard, a good time was had by all.

Tomorrow we're all going shooting, along with other friends of Oleg who arrived tonight. With my chest still recovering from open-heart surgery, I won't be shooting anything with heavy recoil, but I can always have fun with .22 rimfire guns while my friends shoot the bigger stuff. It'll be nice to get some recoil therapy after almost three months without it.

I'll have some more blog posts ready for tomorrow night.



Jenny said...

Oh cool! Best wishes to all of you! Have fun and hi to Oleg. :)

Don said...

Hope you guys have a great time! The Missus and I are planning to drive down to Nashville before Christmas to see the big ice palace thingy (the name doesn't come to mind at the moment) at the Opryland Hotel. We figure the munchkins will love it.

Betty said...

Hi Peter! I tried calling you.

Geoff said...

Any talk of a public meetup? Read your blog for awhile now, I'm sure that there are some Nashvillians who'd like to shake your hand.

Old NFO said...

Have fun and be safe!

Julie said...