Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This makes me furious!

It seems a pediatrician was also a pedophile.

If you're a serial child rapist, there's likely no better cover than operating your own pediatrics practice. According to police, that's how Dr. Earl B. Bradley found his victims, raping kids as young as 6-months-old while filming it all with covert cameras.

It seems Bradley was a calculating predator. His exam rooms at BayBees Pediatrics, a solo practice, had Disney themes to make kids comfortable. But the Lewes, Delaware doctor wasn't exactly interested in the health of his patients.

Police were first alerted earlier this month when a 2-year-old girl told her mom that the doctor had hurt her during a visit. A subsequent investigation found scores of videotapes Bradley kept to chronicle his assaults. And Bradley, it seems, was a particularly vicious creep.

In one video he's shown raping a 2-year-old with a "violently enraged expression on his face," according to police records. A detective described it as "one of the most violent and brutal attacks on a child of any age." In another, he's seen raping a kid who twice tried to run from him.

So far detectives have discovered at least 16 victims dating back to August, with perhaps dozens more unidentified.

There's more at the link.

What I can't understand is, how the HELL could any parent leave his or her child alone with a doctor??? When I was a child, my mother or father would ALWAYS go into the doctor's office with me. There wasn't even a question of whether I should see the doctor alone - it just wasn't done. The same applied to my sisters.

Perhaps I'm out of touch with parenting today . . . but I'm still angry with the parents concerned! (Needless to say, 'angry' doesn't even begin to describe my feelings towards the doctor.)



Raptor said...

You're not out of touch; my mom always went into the office with me. It wasn't that she didn't trust our doctor (she'd been a family friend since before I was born), that's just how it was done, like you said.

Oh, and to give this a time frame, I'm in college now, so it was relatively recent.

NukemJim said...

I work in a hospital doing Nuclear Medicine. I have had parents refuse to come into the room with their children. One wanted to leave a 4 year old alone at the hospital for 4 hours and pick them up later.

Unless the child is sedated (in which case they have 2 nurses with them at all times) I always want the parents in the room. Better for the child, I get better images, better for the parents and easier for me.

Please do not ask me to explain, I cannot.

PS Do not know if you are aware or not but recent medical research has shown there is a cure for child abuse. Cheap, fast, no repeat offender, with minimal discomfort. It's called a 12 gauge.NJ

Shrimp said...

Wow, my blood pressure went sky high just reading that!

As a stay at home dad, this infuriates me to no end. I have been taking my kids to the doctor for nine years now, and NEVER once did I ever leave one of my kids alone with the doctor or nurse.

I would immediately be suspicious of any doctor or nurse that expected me or asked me to leave the room or not come into the exam room. Simply outrageous.

The problem with that cure is that by the time it can be applied, the damage (to the child) is already done. However, as a preventative measure for future cases, it does seem to work, when applied. I fully endorse it, especially considering the alternatives.

Brandon said...

None of my three kids has ever had to sit in a doctor's office alone, and never will. We wouldn't have it, and neither would our pediatrician.

As far as the bastard described in this article is concerned, well, there's only one proper thing to be done: long drop, short rope.

Anonymous said...

Some people need to die, in a very very public manner.


Anonymous said...

I propose a more appropriate form of discipline for this monster: oriental impalement. This is the form where the "guest of honor" experiences a pointed pine shaft inserted in the rear, and allowed to be supported upon said "toothpick" by his own weight, slowly sliding down it as his own bodily fluids lubricate the shaft.

Records of this form of execution indicate it usually takes 2-3 days for the "guest" to enter the netherworld...

cap'n chumbucket.

Rhino said...

This guy needs a good long stay in prison,they love his kind in there.other than that I think he needs a bullet in his head.He had ruined too many lives.

Anonymous said...

I can't even think of a suitable treatment, though Cap'n Chumbucket is on the right track. And I can't imagine why a parent would leave a child that young alone with a doctor.