Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Popping corn in slow motion

This is a fascinating video clip, showing popping corn in very slow motion.

Interesting to see how the kernel expands outward from the shell - and how what tastes so good, comes to taste that way.



Anonymous said...

off topic- spreading the word

Have you heard about the new executive order signed by the O.?
Basicly gives interpol (represented in the US by a branch of the justice dept) total imunity from searches, FOIA, and any violation of US law-truly a new secret police for America. look into it. very scary- no law, no recourse.

Anonymous said...

First resolution for 2010: Kill a spammer, then send a piece of him to all his relatives and friends...

...Peter, I can't be the only who thinks it looks a bit like a hollowpoint opening in gelatin!