Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Quirky fun with an iPhone camera

I'm astonished to find that an enthusiast has crafted a mount for single-lens-reflex camera lenses that allows him to fit them to his iPhone camera. The finished product looks like this:

Details of how he did it, plus photographs of the work in progress and pictures taken through the lenses by the iPhone camera, are available at the link. Shows what a dedicated tinkerer can do!

All the same, I don't think the finished product is as pocket-friendly as the original iPhone . . .



Noons said...

All that's needed now is a fashion fad with bigger pockets!

Betty said...

I love my iPhone; too bad it only has a 3 megapixel camera with no flash (hopefully added in the next model). That phone is what I've always got on me to snap baby pictures (and you can never have too many of those) to email right away to happy grandparents. There are some very nice 8 megapixel camera phones out there, however.