Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another movie I want to see

I note that The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn is getting closer to release. Having grown up with him, I'm certainly looking forward to seeing how Steven Spielberg translates his comic book adventures to the big screen. The combination of Spielberg as director and Peter Jackson (of The Lord of the Rings fame) as producer, with Jackson's Weta Digital doing the CGI effects, should be very interesting indeed. There's already a bit of a spat over the character of Captain Haddock being portrayed as a Scot . . . chauvinistic Englishmen aren't too happy about that!

Here's the latest trailer for the movie.

No, I'm not being paid to put that up here; it just interests me, so I share it with you in the hope it'll interest you too.



Noons said...

Man! Didn't know they were doing this.
DEFINITELY in my "to watch" list: I grew up with these books!

Rev. Paul said...

I confess to being ignorant of this story, but the trailer looks AMAZING. I will read the book(s) forthwith!

FrankC said...

Captain Haddock had a Scots accent in the cartoons over here (U.K.)
Can't recall any "letters to the editor" complaining about it.

trailbee said...

I shall look for the DVD.The movie theatre always is way too loud. Great trailer. Thanks