Friday, July 22, 2011

Steampunk insects!

Following my post earlier this week about a Russian steampunk duck, I came across a couple of pictures of steampunk insects. They intrigued me, so I assembled these examples of the field. If you follow the links provided, you'll find many more to interest you.

First, from Tom Hardwidge at Arthrobots, here's a steampunk praying mantis.

Mike Libby at the Insect Lab has produced a large body (you should pardon the expression) of fascinating work. Here are two of his pieces: a grasshopper and a butterfly.

Catherinette Rings, a vendor on Etsy, has some very interesting steampunk jewelry. Here's 'The Smallest Steampunk Spider Sculpture'.

KAPcom on DeviantArt has a number of steampunk designs, including this 'Steam Powered Beetle'.

Also on DeviantArt, Malueram offers this steampunk scorpion.

Finally, Nemomatic offers another steampunk praying mantis - this one in both photographic and video form.

One has to salute the imagination and craftsmanship that went into producing these steampunk designs. Amazingly creative, aren't they?



Old NFO said...

Those are some truly creative folks, no question!

Unknown said...

Wow! I love it when an artist's imagination fires up MY imagination. That spider is absolutely amazing!

trailbee said...

Fantastic creatures!

DaddyBear said...

There's an artist here in Louisville who does similar work, although his are more of the lawn ornament variety. I love walking through his showroom and seeing what he's used to create ever more intricate designs.