Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weird headline of the week

I've just found what may be the weirdest headline - and story - of the week. The Russian TV news program and Web site RT has a story headed 'Depressed ferret escapes circus with ape and parrot in tow'.

A circus in the Siberian city of Chita is missing some of its animal stars. A ferret, an ape and a parrot have found a way out and headed for freedom. Management blames the bad weather, which made the performers gloomy and depressed.

“We believe that the animals escaped due to depression, since we have had unremitting rains here in Chita,” performance director of the circus Zhanna Lazerson told Interfax news agency.

“We later found the ape in a dog’s cage, where they slept together hugging,” she added.

The search for the ferret and the parrot is still underway. Lazerson says the bird’s acting partner is missing him a lot. As for the mammal, which is suspected of leading the grand escape, it is hoped that he will come back when he is hungry.

“Our ferret is a heavy eater and lazy too. He always takes long breaks after working,” the director said.

As the search goes, the runaway ferret has launched a personal twitter account @FerretFeelsDown and complained about the never-ending rain. Compassionate followers have already left their comments supporting the little animal and asking for the number of an account to donate for anti-depressants for the ferret.

There's more at the link.

Donations for anti-depressant pills for a ferret??? That sounds almost as good a cause as some offers I've had from Nigerian bankers recently . . .



Fly To Your Dreams said...

If months of non-stop rain depresses animals, I'm amazed my cats haven't run away yet. They've lived in the Pacific Northwest for six years now.

Old NFO said...

Okayyyy That is a bit different! :-)

Anonymous said...

If I wanted to create widespread publicity for my circus, for FREE, that's the way I'd do it! The only thing keeping this from the front page is PETA offering the ferret sanctuary.



Bob@thenest said...

"Circus" and "donations" in the same article? Adds up to 1 really sharp PR person in my book!