Friday, July 22, 2011

Updating the blogroll

It's been too long since I paid attention to my blogroll in the sidebar. I've been reading some blogs that needed to be added, and some others needed to be taken out because their owners have decided to stop blogging. Some needed to be moved from my reciprocal blogroll to the list of blogs I read regularly, and a couple of blogs had changed their names, and needed to be updated.

You'll find the revised blogrolls in the sidebar. I recommend all those I read frequently (which means I visit them at least two or three times a week, some of them daily). Those on the reciprocal blogroll have, of course, demonstrated their wisdom, sagacity and good taste by linking to my blog: so what can I do but encourage you to reward their perspicacity by visiting them as well?



MrGarabaldi said...

Once I figure out a way to setup a blogrol, you will be in the top4. I read your blog everyday.

Crucis said...

Thanks for the elevation, Peter.

DaddyBear said...

Sweet! Thanks Peter!