Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Only in Russia . . . a steampunk duck!

I was surprised - and amused - to find these pictures of what looks like a steampunk duck on English Russia.

It's a working 'duck car' that seems to have attracted a lot of interest from onlookers.

Apparently it's on the way to California (presumably by air, although I doubt whether that means using its own wings). Considering the other weird, wacky and wonderful things that float around there, it should fit right in!

There are many more - and larger - pictures at the link. Fun viewing.


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Scotty C said...

Originally from the USA!! Made in Humboldt, CA -- The Duck Flambé was only visiting Russia. The owner, Bart Dorsa, took it to Moscow for about 3 weeks of fun.

Here is the original construction, if you'd like to see how we made it...


Builders: Scott Cocking & Ken Beidleman